Being a business mentor to an entrepreneur is a great way of giving back to our community, and to society at large when your advice and guidance can have a measurable impact helping your mentees. IncubatorWorks is always looking for mentors to serve as trusted confidantes for those looking to venture into the world of start-up and small business ownership. Will you join us?

Learn more about what it takes from one of the dedicated mentors here at IncubatorWorks, Jerome Emanuel.


Q: How does IncubatorWorks mentorship work?


Just as every new business idea is different, so is every need for mentorship at IncubatorWorks. That’s why we work to find a wide variety of mentors and pair each one strategically with entrepreneurs who can benefit from their unique experience and expertise. Our mentors are business leaders who can help startups navigate the murky waters of new business ownership, working one-on-one with them on a volunteer basis to help them achieve their goals.

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Jerome Emanuel, business leader, was born and raised in Elmira, New York. Jerome helped create the Elmira Entrepreneurs Group with IncubatorWorks and has worked with EOP, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Chemung County Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurial Task Force, The Transformation Center, and was an active member of the Business and Commercial Development workgroup for Elmira’s Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI) award. Jerome is currently the President of Emanuel Industries which is a green-tech company whose mission is to fight recidivism by creating jobs through recycled computers.