IncubatorWorks to Bring Their Expertise to New Energy New York Initiative

Exciting news!

New Energy New York will help the U.S. meet the demand for domestic battery products by accelerating the budding battery development and manufacturing ecosystem in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions of Upstate New York. The program seeks to create a new manufacturing economy, built on a foundation of equity and environmental justice, supporting an economic resurgence in underdeveloped areas in Upstate New York.

We are proud to announce that IncubatorWorks will be involved in helping to execute projects, serving 4 underserved rural counties in the Southern Tier. The projects we will be involved in are described as follows:

Workforce Development: The project will develop a host of coordinated and innovative programs throughout the supported regions for the training of the workforce required to support the storage manufacturing ecosystem, with dedicated programs to promote equity and participation of individuals from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds. Supply Chain Development: To support the rapid growth in energy storage projects and the consequent increasing demand for a strong and qualified supply chain, the project will implement a strategy for building and supporting a robust storage supply chain throughout Upstate New York, including a supplier catalogue and a supplier certification program.

Climate Justice Initiative: The project will develop groundbreaking programs to mitigate potential negative aspects of the growth of the storage manufacturing ecosystem, such as funds for the support of main street businesses, demolitions, pollution prevention, and DEI initiatives.

Energy Storage Acceleration: The project will establish New York State as the premier destination for realizing energy storage technologies and startups from prototyping to scale-up to manufacturing. While leveraging and expanding existing successful programs, it will develop new programs for proof-of-concept support, acceleration of nascent and mature startups, and the development of new incubation models and facilities.

“We are very excited to be able to participate in this project,” Nancy Kirby Kurjakovic, IncubatorWorks’ Executive Director and CFO, said, “and to support these efforts to create a new manufacturing economy while working to ensure that we also build a diverse well-paid workforce.”