Pursuing Business Growth Through Co.Starters

We closed out 2019 with a graduation ceremony for the entrepreneurs who participated in our Fall Co.Starters program. Our inaugural program launched in the spring of last year and with the guidance of our IncubatorWorks team, as well as business leaders who came in to share their knowledge, participants walked away with the tools and insight to help guide their business to the next phase.

Co.Starters graduating class of Fall 2019

IncubatorWorks’ Executive Director, Nancy Kirby helps to lead the cohorts and connects with the entrepreneur one-on-one for advice on next-steps and better strategies.  “We have a special mission to help grassroots entrepreneurs develop their ideas into real, viable businesses,” she said.

Many participants have found that listening to others share their journey in growing a small business has helped them to not feel alone in the process and also given them a better sense of direction and focus.

For Connor Evans, who is working on launching his company, Watkins Glen Brewing, hearing how others navigate through entrepreneurship was especially educational. “It was just enlightening to look at different aspects of trying to build a business,” he said.

Graduating class of Co.Starters Spring 2019

Many of the participants we work with have great ideas and skills but need the resources on starting a business.

Co.Starter graduate, Antoinette Collier, went from wanting to open a brick and mortar restaurant so that she could serve up the delicious dishes she so loves, to realizing that what she really needed was a food truck in order to remain true to her passion and closer to her community. She said, “I thought [Co.Starters] was great because I knew I wanted to start a business but I just didn’t know how to do it or what to do.” Look out for her food truck, Caribbean Comfort in a corner near you!

We want to congratulate all our Co.Starters graduates and look forward to continuing to work with you all as you grow your businesses.

Our Co.starters Accelerator Class and spend 9 weeks turning your idea into a business, collaborate with other entrepreneurs and learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a successful business. $300 Application Fee with scholarships available.


Stay tuned for more information on our next Co.Starters cohort!